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What is the Mission of BERTANN?

  • We are a streetwear clothing brand from Las Vegas with the focus of selling our lifestyle streetwear to help fund various charity events, fundraisers and to assist with humanitarian aid around the world showcasing awareness of worldwide crisis's with Serenity and Unity.
  • The name is a portmanteau formed "bert" and "ann" It consists of the founder's middle name followed by spouse's extended name.
  • Bertannlvc was formed essentially for women’s clothing which consisted of homemade crochet’s. The Bertann logo is inspired by a facial expression, which is a twitching face. When the logo is rotated to the left the logo is shown as “BA.”
  • Thank you to all Men and Women who serve and protect the United States of America to show our gratitude we offer a 15% Military Discount to all Active Duty Members. We are partnered with GOVX to verify AD status.
  • 2.5% of all purchases from Bertannlvc will go to hosting various chaity events, fundraisers and assisting humanitarian aid. Along with all tips that are donated at checkout.