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About Us

What is the Mission of BERTANN?

  • Bertann is closely associated with skateboard, surf, and B-Boy & Dance Culture. Bertann was founded in 2018 by Bryan Damaso, a veteran of the United States Navy.
  • The name is a portmanteau formed "bert" and "ann" It consists of the founder's middle name followed by spouse's extended name.
  • Bertannlvc was formed essentially for women’s clothing which consisted of homemade crochet’s. The logotype for BERTANN portrays a left face squint. The squint represents the need for a “Second Look” which then makes the visual clear. When you rotate the logo 90 degrees counterclockwise you see that the logo will read “BA” representing the brand ethos as “Clear”.
  • Thank you to all Men and Women who serve and protect the United States of America to show our gratitude we offer a 15% Military Discount to all Active Duty Members. We are partnered with GOVX to verify AD status.
  • 2.5% of all purchases from Bertann will go to hosting various chaity events, fundraisers and assisting humanitarian aid. Along with all tips that are donated at checkout.