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bertannstore // 05252021:2203

Looking for artist to become advocates, if you are interested in becoming apart of a new team in the hopes of spreading world wide awareness through our designs this is the job for you please email for more information.


bertannstore // 02252021:1219

Hello 2021 we apologize for not being active for this year as this pandemic has brought sadness in the first month. RIP Jeffrey Maganis my brother who has passed due to COVID. Inspired my brother we've created a snapback in the memory of him. Everyone stay safe maintain social distancing and please always be cautious of those around you. Click Here for Snapback.


bertannstore // 11302020:1548

Happy belated thanksgiving everyone, I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Christmas is not far along check out our newly made Mr & Mrs Christmas Couples T-shirt. You can no wear these joyfully when taking those holiday pictures to send to all of your family.